"Gundam" Mech Built in Kerbal Space Program

Picture "Gundam" Mech Built in Kerbal Space Program

March 19, 2014

Meanwhile, NASA wastes our taxes on robots that don't even have machine guns in their heads.

Flower Power Gundam

Picture Flower Power Gundam

March 16, 2012

Attention nerd girls: this is how you know your boyfriend loves you.

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Totally Legit Gundam Caught on Camera

Picture Totally Legit Gundam Caught on Camera

September 30, 2011

What? It's his casual mobile suit.

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Zaku Cosplay Girl

Picture Zaku Cosplay Girl

July 19, 2011

They're really skimping on the quality of mobile armor these days.

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Custom Zaku II Scooter

Picture Custom Zaku II Scooter

June 02, 2011

Char finally traded out his giant battle robot for something more in his style.

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Gundam Using the Bathroom

Picture Gundam Using the Bathroom

May 26, 2011

Doesn't matter if you're a giant anime mecha, sometimes nature just calls.

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Huge Gundam Statue

Picture Huge Gundam Statue

July 09, 2010

Quick, somebody summon Megazord!

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