Lara Croft Cosplay

Picture Lara Croft Cosplay

May 12, 2011

Sometimes it's hard to tell if these are just Lara Croft cosplays, or actual sexy gun-toting archaeologists. This one's right on the line.

Hot Girl in Mass Effect Bodypaint

Picture Hot Girl in Mass Effect Bodypaint

May 11, 2011

"Damn, girl. Those curves are almost as fine as those featured on the Normandy SR-2 starship piloted by Commander Shep- wait, come back!"

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Nerd Girl's Boba Fett Tattoo

Picture Nerd Girl's Boba Fett Tattoo

May 10, 2011

Might as well have the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy watching your back.

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Star Wars Girls Grinding

Picture Star Wars Girls Grinding

May 06, 2011

This raises so many questions. Among other things.

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Lady Deadpool

Picture Lady Deadpool

May 04, 2011

Let's see, girls, guns, comics. I think I just won cosplay bingo!

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Leggy Link Cosplay

Picture Leggy Link Cosplay

May 03, 2011

If you want to hitch a ride in Hyrule, you gotta show a little more leg.

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Hellgirl & Babe Sapien Cosplay

Picture Hellgirl & Babe Sapien Cosplay

April 28, 2011

Great, now I have a fish fetish. Thanks a lot, internet.

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Avengers Girl

Picture Avengers Girl

April 26, 2011

Likes comic books AND worthy to lift the hammer of Thor? She's perfect!

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Amazing Mass Effect 2 Cosplay

Picture Amazing Mass Effect 2 Cosplay

April 25, 2011

She can rule my criminal underworld any day.

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Star Wars Intro Dress

Picture Star Wars Intro Dress

April 20, 2011

I haven't been this into scrolling text since… well, ever.

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