Borderlands Mad Moxxi Cosplay

Picture Borderlands Mad Moxxi Cosplay

October 12, 2011

She wears her heart on her boob.

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Starving Girl Resorts to Eating Wiimote

Picture Starving Girl Resorts to Eating Wiimote

September 15, 2011

She had to sell her pants just to pay rent.

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Light-up Tron Dress

Picture Light-up Tron Dress

August 31, 2011

Don't hate the player, hate the program.

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Venture Bros. Doctor Girlfriend Cosplay

Picture Venture Bros. Doctor Girlfriend Cosplay

August 26, 2011

I want to be serenaded by her manly voice.

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Cute Girl in a Yoda Backpack

Picture Cute Girl in a Yoda Backpack

August 15, 2011

"Look, I'm not questioning the guy, but his last, like, thirty Padawans have all been redheads. Old man's got a type, is all I'm saying."

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Samara Mass Effect Cosplay

Picture Samara Mass Effect Cosplay

August 12, 2011

Asari Justicars: for when you need justice done, and you need it done with cleavage.

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R2-D2 Cosplay Duo

Picture R2-D2 Cosplay Duo

August 11, 2011

She's a girl disguised as a droid, he's a droid disguised as a waste bin.

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Lady Spartan Squad

Picture Lady Spartan Squad

August 09, 2011

They originally asked for armor "the color of pain, death & misery," but all that were left were pastels.

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Stormtrooper Gets a Kiss

Picture Stormtrooper Gets a Kiss

August 09, 2011

Ladies love a clone in uniform.

Portal Turret Cosplay

Picture Portal Turret Cosplay

August 08, 2011

This girl just opened up a terrifying new world of Portal slashfic.

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