Article Pwn Up: The Ghosts of Christmas Presents

By Jake Young / December 23, 2013

Ever had a moment so nerdy that you needed to tell the Internet about it? Send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail. This week the theme was tales of Christmas memories, which inevitably turned into an in-depth look of the psychological maelstrom that is "Christmas Morning".


It was Christmas 2000, Pokemon Gold and Silver had just come out and it was all that I wanted. As me and my siblings are opening presents my brother got his game boy color and copy of gold. I was so excited, when it was my turn to open my copy of silver... Only the game isn't in there. It's socks...

I couldn't find my game anywhere. Everyone moves on and I am devastated. Finally after hours of torment my mom tells me to check the bottom of a shoe box. They had put in a fake bottom to hide my game and game boy.

Pwn Up: Ghosts of Christmas Presents

To this day I still feel weird around Christmas because of those few harrowing moments that I "almost didn't get Pokemon".


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Article Top 10 Gifts For The Nerd In Your Life

By Nat Towsen / December 17, 2013

Top 10 Gifts For The Nerd In Your Life

Nothing says "nerd" like having your nose buried in a book, so buy your nerdy friend one of these paper facemasks. It's hard to go wrong: there are so many books out there that even the biggest nerds haven't read all of them.


Top 10 Gifts For The Nerd In Your Life

Whether your friend is a comic book nerd or a film nerd, BluRay offers The Wolverine AND that movie that Harmony Korine made by living with a group of transient homeless vandals for a couple of weeks, both in gorgeous 1080p.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Amazon

Picture Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Amazon

May 07, 2013

After all, everyone playing it will have already had sex with your mom.