Lady Sagat Cosplay

Picture Lady Sagat Cosplay

July 18, 2013

She's taking the fight to the streets.

Lady Deadpool Cosplay

Picture Lady Deadpool Cosplay

July 08, 2013

She's the merc with a hair stylist.

Brazilian Protester Has a Message (As Male-Misty)

Picture Brazilian Protester Has a Message (As Male-Misty)

June 25, 2013

They want their government to be the very best.

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Genderswapped Doctor Who

Picture Genderswapped Doctor Who

June 19, 2013

This is going to complicate my fanfiction.

Ms. Vader

Picture Ms. Vader

June 04, 2013

"Luke, I am your mother. And I am fabulous."

Daenerys, Father of Dragons

Picture Daenerys, Father of Dragons

May 28, 2013

He's signing his dragons up for little league as we speak.

Martian Ladyhunter

Picture Martian Ladyhunter

May 23, 2013

Men are from Mars – and so are women.

Gender-Swapped Cable Cosplay

Picture Gender-Swapped Cable Cosplay

May 21, 2013

She's come from the future to save the convention.

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Gender-Swapped Firefly

Picture Gender-Swapped Firefly

May 20, 2013

"Shiny! Let's be bad girls."

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Gender-Swapped Ash and Misty

Picture Gender-Swapped Ash and Misty

April 11, 2013

Pokemon come in different genders, why shouldn't trainers?

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