Turn your Garbage Can into Claptrap!

Picture Turn your Garbage Can into Claptrap!

3 days ago

Please, don't shoot it. Instructions can be found at: Our Nerd Home

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The Year in Gaming: 2013 Megamix

Video The Year in Gaming: 2013 Megamix

December 04, 2013

If you love videogames, '13 was your lucky number.

Extra Credits: A Case for Board Games

Video Extra Credits: A Case for Board Games

November 19, 2013

Started from the bottom now we're here.

Article New Gaming Slang

By Andrew Bridgman / August 13, 2013

Pwn? Noob? Leet? These terms are outdated and, frankly, a little childish-sounding. We associate them with the worst of gamers: the hyperbolically-angry, loud, anti-social, shut-in gamers of the world. It's time to retire these old terms and replace them with some new ones that would be more in line with the world today. Here are our suggestions for what terms could replace the old slang.

1. n00b

What We Should Replace It With: Pichu

Pichu is an example of a terrible idea someone at Pokemon had – to add worse, weaker pre-evolutions of existing Pokemon. Imagine being a Pokemon designer, looking at something like Pikachu or Jynx, and saying "Nah, we need this but worse." Pichu is probably the most well-known of these horrible ideas, so let's start calling unreasonably bad players Pichu. Because Pichu sucks.

Example: "Did he seriously just try to no scope that sniper? What a Pichu."

2. pwn'd

What We Should Replace It With: Dwayne Johnson'd

Listen – you could say you "rocked" someone, as in destroying them in a showy manner. But we don't say "rock" anymore – we say "Dwayne Johnson." Look at the credits for Fast & Furious 6. Welcome to the 21st century.

Example: "30 kills, no deaths. I totally Dwayne Johnson'd you Pichus that game."

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Video Games vs. Classic Novels

Picture Video Games vs. Classic Novels

August 01, 2013

Books are a lot like Videogames, but with worse graphics, and much longer cutscenes.

Yordle's Paradise: An Epic LoL Rap

Video Yordle's Paradise: An Epic LoL Rap

July 31, 2013

Choose your Champion for maximum rhymes.Got weak MCs? Psh, get with the times.

The Last of Us Bloopers & Glitches

Video The Last of Us Bloopers & Glitches

July 30, 2013

The first stage of infection causes hallucinations, then erratic movements, and lastly, very silly music.

Article 7 Reasons Why This Is the Greatest Era For Gaming

By Andrew Bridgman / January 2, 2013

We live in an age where there's a lot of grousing and cynicism about the state of videogames – always-online DRM, DLC tactics, and a distinct lack of Half-Life 3 have left a lot of gamers with a sour taste in their mouth about this era of gaming. Yet this may be the greatest era for gaming we've ever known, for a number of reasons. 7 reasons, at least…

Reason #1: Everything Looks Incredible

There was probably some moment for everyone, around the time the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo came out, where you saw some game with something your young, naive mind simply could not comprehend. Maybe it was the 3-D effect in F-Zero or the vectors in Vector Man (which must have been pretty good to name the game after them). Whatever it was, you thought to yourself "This is it. This is the pinnacle of graphics. They will never be able to achieve anything greater than this."

Of course, now we live in an age where this is possible (with the aid of a few mods):

We Live In the Greatest Era For Gaming - Image 1

We're at a precipitous point in graphical technology – it's so, so, so good that it's nearing something very close to realism. However, if it can't quite make the jump (and who knows whether it ever fully will), we're going to have one hell of an uncanny valley to deal with. But for the moment, games are capable of staggering beauty and incredible design that would probably shake our younger selves to the core. And even games that aren't going for the total immersive realism of Skyrim are doing great things: indie games like Fez and Limbo do incredible things and utilize technology to produce beautiful, simple graphics.

Then again, in 20 years someone else is probably gonna have a list on the singularity-net (or whatever the internet's called then), showing that Skyrim picture and saying "CAN YOU BELIEVE THOSE IDIOTS USED TO THINK THIS WAS GREAT GRAPHICS?! LOL! ANYWAYS, THE RADIATION FROM THE LAST NUCLEAR WAR IS RAVAGING MY INTERNAL ORGANS, SO I'M LOGGING BACK INTO THE HEALTHSPHERE."

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10 Health Benefits of Playing Videogames

Video 10 Health Benefits of Playing Videogames

November 21, 2012

Just as good as going to the gym.

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Evolution of Gaming Characters

Picture Evolution of Gaming Characters

November 15, 2012

Darwin never saw this coming.

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