Darth Vader Riding My Little Pony on a Birthday Cake

Picture Darth Vader Riding My Little Pony on a Birthday Cake

July 29, 2011

Happy 33rd birthday, David! We got you a cake with everything you wanted, except your parents' respect.

Fancy Zelda Cake

Picture Fancy Zelda Cake

July 20, 2011

You can never have too many Heroes of Time on one baked good.

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Superhero Layer Cake

Picture Superhero Layer Cake

July 19, 2011

Each layer is a different flavor of justice.

Mortal Kombat Birthday Kake

Picture Mortal Kombat Birthday Kake

July 18, 2011

I'm supposed to make a great aging/Mortal Kombat pun here, but this cake pretty much has it covered.

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C-3PO Pasta

Picture C-3PO Pasta

July 14, 2011

Human-cyborg relations have never been tastier.

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Angry Birds Coffee Art

Picture Angry Birds Coffee Art

July 13, 2011

Nothing goes better with bacon & eggs than a steaming cup of furious avian.

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Bioshock Little Sister Birthday Cake

Picture Bioshock Little Sister Birthday Cake

July 12, 2011

This was a gift from a big sister to her little sister on the latter's 21st birthday. Congrats, but remember: vodka and plasmids don't mix.

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Realistic Angry Birds Cake

Picture Realistic Angry Birds Cake

July 11, 2011

Victory is sweet.

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"Walking Dead" Zombie Cake

Picture "Walking Dead" Zombie Cake

July 08, 2011

It's brain-flavored.

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Star Wars Latte  Art

Picture Star Wars Latte Art

July 05, 2011

I'd stop by this coffee shop more often, but it's so far, far away.

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