Link Birthday Cake

Picture Link Birthday Cake

August 19, 2011

Better than a piece of the tri-force.

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Incredible Mario Cupcake Tower

Picture Incredible Mario Cupcake Tower

August 17, 2011

Even more delicious than the Donut Plains.

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NES Lunchbox

Picture NES Lunchbox

August 15, 2011

Retro games are tough. It's been hours and I still can't get past the first level of Ham Sandwich.

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Wind Waker Cake

Picture Wind Waker Cake

August 11, 2011

You better have brought enough Triumph Forks for everyone.

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Stormtrooper Helmet Cake

Picture Stormtrooper Helmet Cake

August 10, 2011

Hey, guys, Trooper TK-421's having a birthday! Cake in the conference room.

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Darth Vader Pie

Picture Darth Vader Pie

August 09, 2011

Nothing says "Sorry I was an absent father / galactic tyrant" like a freshly-baked pie.

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Scout Trooper Veggie Carving

Picture Scout Trooper Veggie Carving

August 08, 2011

"Eat your vegetables if you want to grow up to be a big strong Scout Trooper with a twelve-second life-expectancy." – Imperial mom

Minecraft Dirt Cake

Picture Minecraft Dirt Cake

August 04, 2011

Mmm… it tastes just like it looks! Cubic.

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Boba Fett Ice Cream

Picture Boba Fett Ice Cream

August 03, 2011

I'd say this should be a real product, but every Star Wars nerd would have diabetes within the week.