Avengers: Earth's Mightiest YOLOs

Picture Avengers: Earth's Mightiest YOLOs

November 12, 2013

You'll be the coolest kid on the rap circuit with this awesome shirt your mom bought at target!

Surprisingly Tasteful Pokemon Panties

Picture Surprisingly Tasteful Pokemon Panties

November 12, 2013

Does... does this make me a furry?

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Pikmin Hats to Keep You Warm, Subservient

Picture Pikmin Hats to Keep You Warm, Subservient

November 05, 2013

Not pictured: a tiny man with a whistle who commands you to pick up garbage.

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Bulbasaur Fashion

Picture Bulbasaur Fashion

August 20, 2013

Have I ever told you about the time I poke-backpacked across Europe? Only got mugged 782 times.

PokeBall Dress

Picture PokeBall Dress

June 28, 2013

She'll capture everyone's attention.

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Pokemon Suit

Picture Pokemon Suit

May 22, 2013

The real embarrassing part? He wore it to a Digimon-themed wedding.

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Mountain Dew Suit

Picture Mountain Dew Suit

May 09, 2013

He's lookin' caf-FINE.

Incredible TARDIS Velvet Dress

Picture Incredible TARDIS Velvet Dress

March 26, 2013

[insert joke about "bigger on the inside" here]

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Middle Earth Dress

Picture Middle Earth Dress

February 08, 2013

Fellowship of nine, lookin' so fine, wanna destroy the one ring? Son, get in line.

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Brilliant TARDIS Dress

Picture Brilliant TARDIS Dress

January 22, 2013

Not mentioned: it can also traverse the time-space continuum.

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