Comic Older Brother's Turn

By Tony Wilson and Andrew Bridgman / March 12, 2014
Older Brothers Turn

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Article Pwn Up: Family Games Night

By Jake Young / January 27, 2014

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Pwn Up: Family Games Night



A couple of weeks before Mass Effect 3 was released here in the UK, I decided to play through the entire Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 in preparation. It came to the day before ME3 release and all I had to do was the Collector's Base at the end of ME2. I must have only spent an hour or so on it, but I got really engrossed in it. When I finally finished it and the credits were rolling, I looked at my phone and saw 13 missed calls from my brother.

It turns out his wife had gone into labour and he had been calling me, so that I could drive them to the hospital, as per our agreement a week or so before. In the end, he'd given up and called a taxi. I felt so bad that I paid them for the taxi fair, and also took them out to dinner once they were comfortable enough to leave the baby at my parent's for an evening.


At the dinner, when we were finally alone together for the first time since the incident, he asked what I'd been doing that had gotten me so engrossed that I missed all 13 calls. So I loaned him Mass Effect and he's now as addicted as me...I don't think my sister-in-law is very happy with me at the moment. But oh well. Brotherly bonding FTW.



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Chestburster Family Portrait

Picture Chestburster Family Portrait

December 23, 2013

"Honey, get the flamethrower."

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Incredible Family 'Labyrinth' Costumes

Picture Incredible Family 'Labyrinth' Costumes

October 11, 2013

Not Included: Kid-Sized David Bowie Bulge.

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Star Wars Family Tree

Picture Star Wars Family Tree

March 22, 2013

Midichlorians are thicker than water.

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Doctor Who Family Cosplay

Picture Doctor Who Family Cosplay

March 01, 2013

The family that time travels together, stays together.

Comic Videogame Franchises Are Your Family

By Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman / February 19, 2013

Videogame Franchises Are Your Family - Image 1

Videogame Franchises Are Your Family - Image 13
Average 90's Family LOVES NES Pictionary

Picture Average 90's Family LOVES NES Pictionary

December 06, 2012

Punk rockers, leather grannies, and nerd dads all love 8-bit boardgames.

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Star Trek Family Photo

Picture Star Trek Family Photo

May 25, 2011

I wouldn't hold out too much hope for that guy on the right.

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Family Mario Cosplay

Picture Family Mario Cosplay

February 16, 2011

The family that plays together stays together.

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