Article The Goatee Game: Tony Stark, Walter White, or Gordon Freeman?

By Chloe Cole / November 6, 2013

Walter White, Tony Stark and Gordon Freeman are all popular cosplays these days. They're all ambitious science-types who (for the most part) have shunned all facial hair outside of their goatees (also, they each kill a bunch of people), so close up they all look pretty similar. Let's celebrate No Shave November by trying to guess which goatee belongs to which cosplay.

So - who does each goatee belong to: Tony Stark, Walter White, or Gordon Freeman? 

Rollover each picture to find out!


Guess the Beard



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Picture Superman-Beard

August 21, 2013

"Clark, I've been meaning to ask you about your facial hair…"

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The Most Disgusting Pac-Man Facial Hair Ever

Picture The Most Disgusting Pac-Man Facial Hair Ever

June 26, 2013

Death by ghost doesn't look too bad now.

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The Bat-stache

Picture The Bat-stache

May 20, 2013

Bruce, maybe you should get some subtler facial hair.


Picture Spider-Beard

March 18, 2013

With great facial hair comes great beardsponsibility.


Picture Batstache

October 03, 2012

You either get shaved a beard, or you live long enough to see yourself become a soul patch/mustache combo.

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X-Wing Beard

Picture X-Wing Beard

July 09, 2012

"Red Leader – you appear to have some food stuck in your cockpit."

Man Grew a Bat-stache

Picture Man Grew a Bat-stache

April 30, 2012

He decided to grow it when he saw the shape as a signal in the clouds…

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