Dog Cosplay, or IRL Umbreon?

Picture Dog Cosplay, or IRL Umbreon?

March 19, 2014

You can't teach an old dog new Eeveelutions.

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Infographic: An Eeveelution Timeline

Picture Infographic: An Eeveelution Timeline

January 17, 2014

Dutch graphic designer Sara Maese explains every Darwinist's least favorite Pokemon.

Evolutionary Spectrum of Pokemon

Picture Evolutionary Spectrum of Pokemon

December 17, 2013

Pictured: The cover art to Dark Side of Mt. Moon.

Mighty Morphin' Eevee Rangers

Picture Mighty Morphin' Eevee Rangers

August 02, 2013

Co-starring Charles Darwin as Zordon.

Comic Eevee's Newest Evolution

By Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman / July 12, 2013

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Terrifying Flareon Cosplay

Picture Terrifying Flareon Cosplay

June 03, 2013

Not all evolutions are improvements.

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Comic Pokemon: Theory of Eeveelution

By Andrew Bridgman and Andy Kluthe / May 29, 2013

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Eevee Evolutions Latte Art

Picture Eevee Evolutions Latte Art

April 10, 2013

Caffeinate is essentially IRL rare candy.

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Comic Brawl in the Family: Opposites

By Brawl in the Family / April 2, 2013

Brawl in the Family: Opposites - Image 1

New Possible Eeveelutions

Picture New Possible Eeveelutions

March 22, 2013

Pokemon fans are one step ahead of the people whose job this actually is.

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