TMNT Villains Pong Table

Picture TMNT Villains Pong Table

March 30, 2012

"You decorated your beer pong table with the villains from an 80's children's cartoon show? AND you brought a pack of Coors Light twistoffs? Take me now." – zero girlfriends

R2D2 Beer Mug

Picture R2D2 Beer Mug

February 20, 2012

Not only is he every Starfighter's best friend, he's also a great drinking buddy.

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Ryu Sucks at Beerpong

Picture Ryu Sucks at Beerpong

March 30, 2011

The party was pretty chill until Ryu set his beer pong opponent on fire. Then it was awesome.

Star Destroyer Ice Luge

Picture Star Destroyer Ice Luge

March 24, 2011

Sir, we have visual on a popped collar approaching from the starboard bow! Battlestations!

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