Regular Guiseppe, The Third Mario Brother

original Regular Guiseppe, The Third Mario Brother

May 26, 2012

He'd save the princess, but his back pain's really been acting up lately.

Disney Channel's Kingdom Hearts

original Disney Channel's Kingdom Hearts

May 16, 2012

The Black Mages of Waverly Place must be behind this.

Sub-Zero's Glasses Are Broken

original Sub-Zero's Glasses Are Broken

May 15, 2012

You should empty your pockets before entering the Earthrealm.

Bug Catcher Waits

original Bug Catcher Waits

May 12, 2012

Life is harden for a bug-type trainer.

Videogame Realtor

original Videogame Realtor

May 12, 2012

She can show you some lovely residential property in Sim City.

Mario Skips World 2

original Mario Skips World 2

May 02, 2012

Hey, no one told him to liberate the WHOLE kingdom.

Sub-Zero Stays Dizzy

original Sub-Zero Stays Dizzy

May 05, 2012

Sometimes a brutal fatality is better than the alternative.

Jurassic Yoshi

original Jurassic Yoshi

April 27, 2012

An adventure 16 bits in the making…

Hypno's Having Trouble

original Hypno's Having Trouble

April 27, 2012

Given his name, it's not like he had a whole bunch of career options.

Mega Man Meets The Wire

original Mega Man Meets The Wire

April 18, 2012

Baltimore, 20XX. E-Tank dealers own the streets now.