Article Hey - We've Got a New Logo!

By Andrew Bridgman / March 17, 2014

Hey Weve Got a New Logo


Yes, the rumors are true: we've got a new logo. I know a lot of you grew fond of the old, blocky logo - so did we, and we'll miss ol' Blocky. But don't worry, we're sending it to a logo farm upstate, where it can run around and play with other logos. It definitely has nothing to do with the old logo getting rabies. While we can't let you see the old logo ever again, just know that it's happy.


Also pay no attention to the shotgun shells next to that mound of dirt labeled "OLD LOGO."

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Dorkly Fanart: Berserker Mario

Picture Dorkly Fanart: Berserker Mario

December 05, 2013

Yes, this Dorkly fanart brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal: "The world's most poorly attended museum"! 

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Technical Difficulties

Picture Technical Difficulties

July 15, 2013

Reminder: never upload a Missingno jpeg into an article.

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Best Friends! VideoGame Club Teaser Trailer

Video Best Friends! VideoGame Club Teaser Trailer

May 15, 2012

Some of the minds behind Dorkly and CollegeHumor bring you a webseries about nerds. Pass it on, in case you know any.

Dorkly Spellcheck Fail

Picture Dorkly Spellcheck Fail

October 12, 2010


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