Article Dorklassic: They're Running Out Of Ideas For Pokemon

October 25, 2010
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October 18, 2010

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Article Dorklassic: Halo Marines

October 11, 2010
  1. Marine 1

    Did you hear the announcement? We're being reassigned.

  2. Marine 2

    What? That's great news! Maybe now we'll finally see some action!

  3. Marine 1

    We're being reassigned… to Master Chief's unit.

  4. Marine 2

    Oh. Oh, no.

  5. Marine 1

    I know.

  6. Marine 2

    Are… are we being punished? Did we do something wrong?

  7. Marine 1

    Sarge told me it was an honor. An honor.

  8. Marine 2

    That bastard.

  9. Marine 3 enters

  10. Marine 3

    Hey guys, did you hear the news? We're going to be in the 254th Spartan Support Unit! We get to meet Master Chief! Holy cow, I gotta go call my mom!

  11. Marine 1

    He doesn't know.

  12. Marine 2

    Marine, have you ever met anyone from a Spartan Support Unit?

  13. Marine 3

    No! That's what makes it so exciting!

  14. Marine 1

    Don't you find that strange? There have been 253 of them.

  15. Marine 2

    That's over a thousand men, Marine. All dead. Every. Last. One.

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