Article A Dreamworks Animator Is Turning His Son Into an Action Hero - With Home Movies

By Staff / March 29, 2014

Daniel Hashimoto and his son James are putting your home movies TO SHAME. Daniel, a special effects guy at Dreamworks Animation, has recently started making short home movies starring little James - with a tiny twist: his son is basically a badass sci-fi action hero. Everything this kid imagines he's doing, he's actually doing.


Including wielding lightsabers...

A Dreamworks Animator Is Making THE BEST Home Movies With His Son

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Millenium Falcon Sled

Picture Millenium Falcon Sled

March 13, 2013

Made it down Kessel Hill in under 12 parsecs.

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Comic Dr. Light is a Terrible Father Figure

By Andrew Bridgman and Anna-Maria Jung / June 18, 2012

Dr Light is a Terrible Father Figure - Image 1

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Gameboy Dad

Picture Gameboy Dad

June 20, 2011

This Father's Day, get dad something he can really use: a backlight.

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