Life-Size Lego Batman

Picture Life-Size Lego Batman

April 19, 2011

He's off to fight his arch-nemesis, Duplo Joker.

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Homemade Hylian Shield

Picture Homemade Hylian Shield

April 11, 2011

Social life? Don't need one, bro. The Hylian crest also protects me from loneliness.

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Incredible Balloon Link

Picture Incredible Balloon Link

April 07, 2011

He holds the Triforce of Helium.

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DIY Cyclops Costume

Picture DIY Cyclops Costume

April 06, 2011

With this getup, you'll earn just as much respect as the real Cyclops.

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DIY Magneto Costume

Picture DIY Magneto Costume

April 05, 2011

Step 5: Wage war on humanity from an orbiting asteroid.

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Awesome Thorny D&D Dice

Picture Awesome Thorny D&D Dice

March 31, 2011

Made with a +3D Printer.

Atari Joystick Jewelry Box

Picture Atari Joystick Jewelry Box

March 29, 2011

Classy, but can it play Missile Command?

Wooden 16-bit Luigi

Picture Wooden 16-bit Luigi

March 28, 2011

The submitter made this out of 205 1-inch wooden blocks. But it'll all be worth it when the Blue Fairy makes him into a real plumber.

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Star Destroyer Ice Luge

Picture Star Destroyer Ice Luge

March 24, 2011

Sir, we have visual on a popped collar approaching from the starboard bow! Battlestations!

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Keyboard Jacket

Picture Keyboard Jacket

March 22, 2011

Baby, you can press all my buttons. Except… no, not ctrl+alt+del! No! NOOOO!

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