Fallout Vault Boy Made Out of Bottlecaps

Picture Fallout Vault Boy Made Out of Bottlecaps

July 29, 2013

Now all we need is heavy levels of radiation to make this the ultimate Fallout picture.

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Crocheted Bowser

Picture Crocheted Bowser

June 07, 2013

He's a little softer than you'd think.

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Guy Makes Sora's Keyblade IRL

Video Guy Makes Sora's Keyblade IRL

May 24, 2013

Skills like this could open up a lot of doors.

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Pokemon CanCraft

Picture Pokemon CanCraft

October 17, 2012

Until science can make Pokemon real, this is the best we can hope for.

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Lego Ghost in the Shell Robot

Picture Lego Ghost in the Shell Robot

March 30, 2012

First there was cyberpunk. Then, steampunk. Now, there is only legopunk.

Team Fortress 2 Woodburning

Picture Team Fortress 2 Woodburning

March 26, 2012

Man, the Pyro is getting really good at detail work.

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Portal Long Fall Sneakers

Picture Portal Long Fall Sneakers

March 22, 2012

Perfect for a portal-based sneak attack.

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Metroid Hat

Picture Metroid Hat

March 21, 2012

Perfect for the shambling, energy-drained husk on the go.

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Homemade Tie Fighter

Picture Homemade Tie Fighter

March 20, 2012

Made out of plywood, so it's only about 90% as threatening as a regular Tie Fighter

Flower Power Gundam

Picture Flower Power Gundam

March 16, 2012

Attention nerd girls: this is how you know your boyfriend loves you.

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