Article The Weekly IRL: 7 Pictures of Cosplayers with a Sense of Humor

December 16, 2010

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Amazing Bahamut Cosplay

Picture Amazing Bahamut Cosplay

December 10, 2010

"A great cosplayer dresses not as the protagonist, but as a summon." – Winston Churchill

Mrs. Fett

Picture Mrs. Fett

December 09, 2010

Behind every great bounty hunter is another bounty hunter in a bikini top.

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Amazing Megaman Legends Cosplay

Picture Amazing Megaman Legends Cosplay

December 10, 2010

Mega-Servbot serves no man.

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Low Budget Marvel Cosplay

Picture Low Budget Marvel Cosplay

December 08, 2010

Our heroes.

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Sith Needs His Break

Picture Sith Needs His Break

December 08, 2010

And Stormtroopers don't even get a half hour for lunch. Unbelievable.

Cosplay With My Heart (Bruno Mars Parody)

Video Cosplay With My Heart (Bruno Mars Parody)

November 30, 2010

Never change. Unless it's into a Star Wars character.

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Kilted Stormtrooper

Picture Kilted Stormtrooper

November 23, 2010

Aren't you a little Scottish for a stormtrooper?