Iron Man Casual Encounter

Picture Iron Man Casual Encounter

May 05, 2011


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Lady Deadpool

Picture Lady Deadpool

May 04, 2011

Let's see, girls, guns, comics. I think I just won cosplay bingo!

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Leggy Link Cosplay

Picture Leggy Link Cosplay

May 03, 2011

If you want to hitch a ride in Hyrule, you gotta show a little more leg.

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Chell & Companion Cube Cosplay

Picture Chell & Companion Cube Cosplay

May 02, 2011

They're the hottest couple in gaming right now, and one of them doesn't even have a nervous system.

White & Pink Ranger Cosplay Couple

Picture White & Pink Ranger Cosplay Couple

April 29, 2011

A user sent this pic of him and his gf in response to yesterday's Nerd Love IRL column. Ladies dig the Tigerzord!

Portal Cosplayer at FIRST Robotics Competition

Picture Portal Cosplayer at FIRST Robotics Competition

April 29, 2011

No fair, warping through space is against competition rules.

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Hellgirl & Babe Sapien Cosplay

Picture Hellgirl & Babe Sapien Cosplay

April 28, 2011

Great, now I have a fish fetish. Thanks a lot, internet.

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Article The Weekly IRL: Cosplaying Couples And Nerd Love (6 Pictures)

By Staff / April 28, 2011

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Mario & Mario

Picture Mario & Mario

April 27, 2011

They're identical, damn it! I don't know which one to shoot!

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Amazing Mass Effect 2 Cosplay

Picture Amazing Mass Effect 2 Cosplay

April 25, 2011

She can rule my criminal underworld any day.

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