Awesome Landspeeder Kid

Picture Awesome Landspeeder Kid

June 21, 2011

Way cooler than all those kids dressed as womp rats.

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Chun-Li Cosplay Girl

Picture Chun-Li Cosplay Girl

June 21, 2011

Looking good, but if your thighs aren't as thick as your torso, it's not an accurate Chun-Li.

Skinny E. Honda

Picture Skinny E. Honda

June 20, 2011

He really shed the pounds after Dhalsim turned him on to Atkins.

Gameboy Dad

Picture Gameboy Dad

June 20, 2011

This Father's Day, get dad something he can really use: a backlight.

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Mass Effect 2: Incredible Garrus Cosplay

Video Mass Effect 2: Incredible Garrus Cosplay

June 20, 2011

Turians are real! Just like in all the stories I write for Livejournal!

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Fat Spiderman Photobomb

Picture Fat Spiderman Photobomb

June 17, 2011

Spidey, you know you can patrol all over the city, right? You don't just have to hang out around the cafe.

Chell & Companion Cube IRL

Picture Chell & Companion Cube IRL

June 16, 2011

Turns out Long Fall Boots are a teensy bit bulkier in real life.

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Lady Sagat Cosplay

Picture Lady Sagat Cosplay

June 16, 2011

She doesn't need depth perception to kick your ass.

Chinese Man Goes to Work in Full Iron Man Costume

Picture Chinese Man Goes to Work in Full Iron Man Costume

June 15, 2011

You dress for the job you want.

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Adorable Artemis Cosplay

Picture Adorable Artemis Cosplay

June 15, 2011

"She shot me in the leg! She shot me in the- awww, who can stay mad at her?"

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