Zero Suit Samus Cosplay

Picture Zero Suit Samus Cosplay

August 05, 2011

It takes a strong female role model to wield a skintight catsuit and a laser whip- waitaminute.

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Death Star Dress

Picture Death Star Dress

August 04, 2011

Cute, fashionable, and it can vaporize a planet from 75,000 km away.

Superheroes On Break

Picture Superheroes On Break

August 02, 2011

Guys, I know union rules and everything, but Red Skull is out front just eating babies. Just poppin' em in his mouth like candy. He's got a whole bucket. Guys?

2D Pixelated Samus Cosplay

Picture 2D Pixelated Samus Cosplay

August 03, 2011

She's bad news for any Space Pirates standing directly in front of her.

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Adorable Lil' Cloud & Sephiroth Cosplay

Picture Adorable Lil' Cloud & Sephiroth Cosplay

August 02, 2011

Kids grow up into megalomaniacal angelic demigods so fast these days…

Nintendo Cartridge Armor

Picture Nintendo Cartridge Armor

August 01, 2011

"We hail from the kingdom of Nerdtopia. Alas, our fair land suffers from a drought of Mountain Dew: Code Red."

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Slave Leia Cosplay

Picture Slave Leia Cosplay

August 01, 2011

Some people were just born to wear a metal thong.

Rikku Plays Final Fantasy X Song on Piano

Video Rikku Plays Final Fantasy X Song on Piano

August 01, 2011

She did this to apologize for X-2.

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Article 25 Amazing Cosplay Pictures From Comic-Con 2011

By Staff / July 29, 2011

Comic Vine:

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