Zelda NPCs Are Jerks

Picture Zelda NPCs Are Jerks

October 30, 2012

You can't complete a quest without breaking a few eggs.

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Minecraft Vengeance

Picture Minecraft Vengeance

October 24, 2012

They play for creeps.

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Metroid Revelation

Picture Metroid Revelation

October 23, 2012

Should have paid more attention when Samus kept saying she needed to get some tampons after this.

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The Most Epic Battle of Them All

Picture The Most Epic Battle of Them All

October 23, 2012

It's the volley of death.

Dr. Who Hullaballoo

Picture Dr. Who Hullaballoo

October 19, 2012

Loving a Time Lord can be a real timesuck.

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An Elf of Few Words

Picture An Elf of Few Words

October 17, 2012

He'll scream his way into your heart container.

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The Missing Piece

Picture The Missing Piece

October 12, 2012

He's crossed the line.

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A Mushroom Kingdom Date

Picture A Mushroom Kingdom Date

October 10, 2012

Finding out she's been dead since '78 isn't going to help things either.

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The Problem With Borderlands Cash

Picture The Problem With Borderlands Cash

October 02, 2012

Don't take any blood money.

Deft 4 Lead 2

Picture Deft 4 Lead 2

September 27, 2012

Fighting the undead can get uncomfortable.