The Lady Flash

Picture The Lady Flash

July 11, 2012

She's way faster without a Y chromosome slowing her down.

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Legend of Zel, Duh

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June 27, 2012

A seemingly ageless young man who is eternally devoted to a stoic young woman? Enjoy your tween romance, kid.


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June 25, 2012

You don't always want line pieces.

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Article The Dorklyst: The 7 Most Ridiculous Resurrections in Comic Book History

By Dan Abromowitz / June 15, 2012
The Dorklyst: The 7 Most Ridiculous Resurrections in Comic Book History - Image 2

Life. Death. For all things, there is a season. Now you bask and frolic in the light of the sun, but in time, you, too, will be commended to the earth. Unless you're in a comic book, in which case, you'll probably just take a quick dirtnap and get back on your feet in no time, so long as yours is a commercially viable series (and sometimes even if it's not). For superheroes, returns to the world of the living range from triumphant to shockingly dumb to outright ridiculous. Here are the 7 most ridiculous resurrections in comic book history.

7. Aunt May

The Dorklyst: The 7 Most Ridiculous Resurrections in Comic Book History - Image 2

In the Hitchcock film Psycho, mild-mannered Norman Bates lives alone in an old motel with his elderly mother, who commits horrible murders. By the end of the film, it's been revealed that Norman's mother has been dead for a decade, and the 'Mother' committing the murders is actually an aspect of his fractured psyche; he dresses like her, carries on conversations with her, and stole and preserved her corpse so she would never truly die. This is not unlike Peter Parker's relationship with his Aunt May, who has been very nearly murdered so many times it's a miracle she never built up an immunity. Most recently, she was shot in a failed hit by the Kingpin. Seeing his aunt dying again, Peter literally made a deal with the devil: In exchange for the life of an old, old woman in perpetual danger, Peter agreed to retroactively give up his marriage and entire romantic history with his bombshell supermodel wife. Time was turned back, allowing Peter to spend many more blissful years with his aunt's embalmed corpse. Of course, this is only slightly more ridiculous than the last time Aunt May died, at which point she turned out to have been a surgically-altered actress all along, because that's a thing that happens.

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Comic Dueling Analogs: Role-Playing Game Logic - Guns

By Dueling Analogs / June 14, 2012

Dueling Analogs: RolePlaying Game Logic Guns - Image 1

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The Plumber's Exit

Picture The Plumber's Exit

June 14, 2012

Breaking up is as simple as breaking bricks.

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Mario Meets His End

Picture Mario Meets His End

May 22, 2012

…or not.

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The Adventures of Lord Mario

Picture The Adventures of Lord Mario

May 21, 2012

After this journey, he may partake in Mario Squash or a game of Mario Soiree.

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Portal 2 Comic Cover

Picture Portal 2 Comic Cover

May 18, 2012

She's going to send her enemies to Chell.

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Comic Book Dress

Picture Comic Book Dress

May 11, 2012

If these were in mint condition, they'd be worth millions.

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