"Not the Droids You're Looking For" Tattoo

Picture "Not the Droids You're Looking For" Tattoo

January 23, 2013

"Protocol droid, you say? Haven't seen him. I'm just a simple housewife from New York! …Space New York."

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Badass C-3PO Tattoo

Picture Badass C-3PO Tattoo

September 12, 2012

He's a proto-KILL droid.

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Creepy C-3P0 Tape Dispenser

Picture Creepy C-3P0 Tape Dispenser

August 14, 2012

Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating my crotch without getting weirded out is approximately 3,720 to 1.

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Baby Droids

Picture Baby Droids

August 06, 2012

"We seem to be made to be adorable. It's our lot in life."

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Droidfriend (Justin Bieber Parody)

Video Droidfriend (Justin Bieber Parody)

August 02, 2012

He's fluent in over six million forms of drivin' the ladies crazy.

Sexy C-3PO Cosplay Girl

Picture Sexy C-3PO Cosplay Girl

June 12, 2012

Frankly, I would expect a protocol droid to have a cleaner bedroom.

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C-3PO Pasta

Picture C-3PO Pasta

July 14, 2011

Human-cyborg relations have never been tastier.

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