Article Bowser Needs a Plumber

June 10, 2010
  1. Bowser

    Um…hey, Mario?

  2. Mario

    So a-what is it this time? Kidnap the princess again? Luigi? If it's Luigi, you can a-keep him.

  3. Bowser

    Uh no. Not this time. I need…a plumber.

  4. Mario

    …oh. Jeez. That's a first. What's the problem?

  5. Bowser

    It's the pipes. They're not connected to anything. There's no running water in the entire kingdom, evil fire-spewing plants are growing out of the pipes, and the sewage system is…not pretty.

  6. Mario

    Wow. That is a major a-plumbing problem. How have we never a-noticed this?

  7. Bowser

    Ever wonder where the toilet pipes go?

  8. Mario


  9. Bowser

    Sh*t World 1-2. We have literally filled up an entire world with sh*t because our plumbing system is so f*cked.

  10. Mario

    Oh god. I thought that a-was mud! Smelly, a-smelly mud…I WORE MY FROG SUIT THERE, YOU DICKHOLE.

  11. Bowser

    Can you take the job?

  12. Mario

    So…I really haven't a-done any actual plumbing jobs in a couple decades. Are you sure you don't want to just a-kidnap the princess?

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Article King Koopa Becomes Bowser

May 16, 2010
  1. Koopa Troopa, Goomba, Shy Guy and Bob-omb sit in a pub.

  2. Troopa

    How much longer they got you walking between those two pipes?

  3. Goomba

    Two more weeks on the job, then I'm retired. I can't wait to see my kids again.

  4. King Koopa enters.

  5. King Koopa

    Hey guys!

  6. Everyone

    Hey, King Koopa!

  7. King Koopa

    Ha, yeah, about that actually. You guys can just call me Bowser now.

  8. Everyone looks confused.

  9. Goomba

    Bowser? What's Bowser?

  10. King Koopa

    It's my new nickname. You know, I'm a big turtle dinosaur, and everyone bows before me. I am the Bow-saur! Or Bowser, cause that's easier to say.

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Badass Mario

Picture Badass Mario

May 13, 2010

(Knock at door) Terrified Koopa Troopa: "Wh.. who is it? A deep, powerful and angry response: It's-a-me, MARIO! (shoots fireball through door engulfing Koopa Troopa in flames)

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Medieval Mario

Picture Medieval Mario

May 13, 2010

And so the evil Bowser was slain by the heroic Mario and he and his Princess lived happily ever after.

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Mario In Japan

Picture Mario In Japan

May 06, 2010

An Italian plumber was at the forefront of the samurai revolution in feudal Japan.

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