Intense Venom Bodypaint

Picture Intense Venom Bodypaint

January 16, 2014

Either she's succumbing to the evil of the symbiote, or she just found out she's allergic to latex paint.

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Incredible Genderswap Venom

Picture Incredible Genderswap Venom

October 09, 2013

You can't spell "symbiote" without "uncomfortable neck positioning."

Incredible Body Paint Dark Phoenix

Picture Incredible Body Paint Dark Phoenix

June 11, 2013

She keeps a pretty good figure for someone who literally consumed a sun.

Clone Trooper Body Paint

Picture Clone Trooper Body Paint

March 05, 2013

"Ugh, this doesn't look anything like Jango Fett!"

Crysis 3 Nanosuit Body Paint

Picture Crysis 3 Nanosuit Body Paint

February 25, 2013

The only "crisis" is gonna be when it starts raining later.

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Transforming Mystique/Rogue Body Paint

Picture Transforming Mystique/Rogue Body Paint

February 22, 2013

Thank goodness she transformed into someone who has an identical body to hers.

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Mass Effect Miranda Body Paint Cosplay

Picture Mass Effect Miranda Body Paint Cosplay

December 05, 2012

This actually looks a little looser than her outfit in the game.

Unbelievable Venom Body Paint

Picture Unbelievable Venom Body Paint

September 14, 2012

Now this is a symbiote.

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Bodypaint Superheroes

Picture Bodypaint Superheroes

May 29, 2012

Ladies, none of these costumes are canonical. Get out.

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