Elizabeth Bioshock: Infinite Cosplay

Picture Elizabeth Bioshock: Infinite Cosplay

August 17, 2011

She's a shoe-in for Miss Columbia.

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Article 5 More Impractical Ideas For Bioshock Cities

By Patrick Cassels / August 5, 2011

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Article 5 Tourism Posters For Videogame Getaways

By Julia Lepetit / July 25, 2011

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BioShock Plasmid Tattoo

Picture BioShock Plasmid Tattoo

July 22, 2011

Nothing like a little hypnotic suggestion to make your significant other okay with a giant videogame tattoo.

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Article The Weekly IRL: Would You Kindly? (7 Bioshock Pictures)

By Staff / July 14, 2011
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Bioshock Little Sister Birthday Cake

Picture Bioshock Little Sister Birthday Cake

July 12, 2011

This was a gift from a big sister to her little sister on the latter's 21st birthday. Congrats, but remember: vodka and plasmids don't mix.

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Adorable Bioshock Little Sister

Picture Adorable Bioshock Little Sister

July 07, 2011

Aw, she's got a widdle bow and a widdle two-foot syringe full of stolen genetic material.

Bioshock: Infinite Teaser Trailer (E3 2011)

Video Bioshock: Infinite Teaser Trailer (E3 2011)

June 07, 2011

Rapture was too underground.

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Comic Dueling Analogs: Videogame Anagrams

By Dueling Analogs / May 30, 2011

Awesome Big Sister Costume

Picture Awesome Big Sister Costume

April 15, 2011

Warning: not for use in the actual ocean.