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It's an adult reimagining of a children's adaptation of adolescent fictional tropes. That sound you hear is the internet eating itself. This is just one part of Tohad's 'Badass Serie'

Article 5 Reasons Why Slippy is a Badass

By Ryan Creamer / September 18, 2013

1. Slippy Is An Engineering Mastermind

5 Reasons Why Slippy is a Badass

Slippy brings tangible skills to the table - which, it should be noted, is saying a lot for a team that is otherwise anthropomorphic, patronizing sass-machines. While Falco cops his signature 'tude, Peppy is physically unable to conjure up a single conversation topic unrelated to the poor protagonist's dead father. Slippy provides health information for every boss in Starfox 64, and invented EVERY VEHICLE YOU USE IN THE GAME.

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Super Killer Mario

Picture Super Killer Mario

February 13, 2013

No more Mr. Nice Plumber.

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Badass Princess Peach

Picture Badass Princess Peach

January 31, 2013

She's going to kick Bowser's ass into another castle.

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Badass Mario & Peach

Picture Badass Mario & Peach

November 13, 2012

"It's a-me…your worst nightmare."

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Badass Mario

Picture Badass Mario

October 03, 2012

It's a-he and a-he's here to a-wreck your shit.

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IRL Skyrim Badass

Video IRL Skyrim Badass

April 27, 2012

He's giving them something to shout about.

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