Angry Birds Stop Motion Animation

Video Angry Birds Stop Motion Animation

November 05, 2010

Easily the angriest paper birds I've seen all morning.

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Legend of Mario

Picture Legend of Mario

November 02, 2010

The Water Temple just got a lot grosser.

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Zelda Four Swords Models

Picture Zelda Four Swords Models

November 01, 2010

Each one represents a piece of the tri-force. Except the blue one, he's a jerk.

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Arc de Triomphe Recreated in Minecraft

video Arc de Triomphe Recreated in Minecraft

October 26, 2010

Fun Fact*: Triomphe is French for minecraft. *Lie.

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Megaman Post-it Art

Picture Megaman Post-it Art

October 26, 2010

This door could totally kick Proto-door's ass.

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Amazing Starcraft Medic Art

Picture Amazing Starcraft Medic Art

October 26, 2010

I can honestly say this is the first time I've been attracted to a woman with needles coming out of her hands.

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Zombie Peach

Picture Zombie Peach

October 26, 2010

Sorry Mario, but our princess is….uh….dead.

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