Zelda Tri-Force Art

Picture Zelda Tri-Force Art

October 13, 2011

Duh nuh nuh nuh, duh nuh nuh nuh, dun nuh nuh nuh, DUH NUH NUH NUH!

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Balrog Graffiti

Picture Balrog Graffiti

October 12, 2011

That wall needed to be punched up.

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Mushroom Kombat

Picture Mushroom Kombat

October 11, 2011

Rated "M" for Mushroom Kingdom.

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Portal to Limbo Art

Picture Portal to Limbo Art

October 11, 2011

The only thing more horrifying than neurotoxins? Bear traps.

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Gears of War Chainsaw Carving

Video Gears of War Chainsaw Carving

October 11, 2011

Art is hell.

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Natural Angry Birds

Picture Natural Angry Birds

October 11, 2011

If you were thinking about going anywhere near her nest, don't.

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Imperial Walker Chicago Art

Picture Imperial Walker Chicago Art

October 10, 2011

Their deep dish pizza is way better than Hoth's.

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Mega Man Zero Art

Picture Mega Man Zero Art

October 10, 2011

Everyone's favorite Mega Man character that isn't Mega Man.

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Super Mario Bros. Moral

Picture Super Mario Bros. Moral

October 06, 2011

Take time to enjoy the little things in life. Like punching bricks and stomping turtles.

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