Super Mario Ball Z

Picture Super Mario Ball Z

January 10, 2012

Will Mario summon the spirit flower and defeat Bowser or will he stand around and power-up for 4 more episodes? Find out next time on Super Mario Ball Z!

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Mecha Fett Art

Picture Mecha Fett Art

January 09, 2012

IG-88 has some competition.

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Pokemon Lucario Art

Picture Pokemon Lucario Art

January 03, 2012

Easily the most realistic looking blue fox wizard I've ever seen.

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Mario Push Pin Art

Picture Mario Push Pin Art

December 27, 2011

He's used to having his buttons pushed, so push pins come naturally.

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Earthbound Poster

Picture Earthbound Poster

December 21, 2011

I feel the sudden urge to beat a crow with a baseball bat.

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Princess Zelda Art

Picture Princess Zelda Art

December 19, 2011

This is what the Mona Lisa would have looked like if Leonardo da Vinci had owned a Nintendo.

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Awesome Pokemon Art

Picture Awesome Pokemon Art

December 15, 2011

Call it a hunch, but I bet whatever story he's telling has something to do with Pokemon.

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Mordor Nail Art

Picture Mordor Nail Art

December 14, 2011

One does not simply get a manicure in Mordor.

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Sonic and Tails Lunch Bags

Picture Sonic and Tails Lunch Bags

December 14, 2011

Man, I wish my parents loved me.

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Mario Meets Bioshock

Picture Mario Meets Bioshock

December 08, 2011

A plumber chooses, a slave obeys.

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