The Only Way To Play Skyrim

Picture The Only Way To Play Skyrim

June 18, 2013

Although a TRUE gamer would never game without full breastplate.

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Impressive Skyrim Daedric Armor

Picture Impressive Skyrim Daedric Armor

June 05, 2013

It can protect his body, but not his self-esteem.

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Girls and Videogames

Picture Girls and Videogames

May 21, 2013

Or maybe girls are so badass they don't NEED armor? Yeah, definitely not that "sexism" thing.

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Armored Batman & Aquaman

Picture Armored Batman & Aquaman

April 09, 2013

Even though that armor will probably make him sink, this is the coolest Aquaman will ever look.

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Comic Dueling Analogs: How Female Fantasy Armor is Effective

By Dueling Analogs / October 4, 2012

Dueling Analogs: How Female Fantasy Armor is Effective - Image 1

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Comic RPG Lady Armor

By Andrew Bridgman and Anna-Maria Jung / July 18, 2012

RPG Lady Armor - Image 1

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Daedric Armor Cosplay

Picture Daedric Armor Cosplay

March 21, 2012

Nothing says "prince of chaos" like a messy bedroom.

Nintendo Cartridge Armor

Picture Nintendo Cartridge Armor

August 01, 2011

"We hail from the kingdom of Nerdtopia. Alas, our fair land suffers from a drought of Mountain Dew: Code Red."

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Beer Box Warrior

Picture Beer Box Warrior

May 13, 2010

Keystone Heavy.

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