Jedi Kittens Strike Back

Video Jedi Kittens Strike Back

September 16, 2011

"Join me! And we shall rule the living room as cat and kitten!"

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Article The Weekly IRL: 8 Pictures of Cosplayin' Pets

By Staff / September 8, 2011

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Ewok Puppies

Picture Ewok Puppies

September 02, 2011

They only gnaw on Stormtrooper bones.

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Awesome Canine Okami Cosplay

Picture Awesome Canine Okami Cosplay

August 15, 2011

They tried giving her a celestial brush, but she drew nothing but milkbones.

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Stuffed Parakoopa

Picture Stuffed Parakoopa

July 29, 2011

It does exist!

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Batman vs. Bull

Picture Batman vs. Bull

July 22, 2011

This was the bull's audition to play Bane in Dark Knight Rises.

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Chill Cat Plays Xbox

Picture Chill Cat Plays Xbox

July 21, 2011

"Ugh, another console cat." – PC Gamer Cat

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Squirrel Jedi have Epic Lightsaber Duel

Picture Squirrel Jedi have Epic Lightsaber Duel

May 12, 2011

Just stare at this photo and blast John Williams through your speakers.

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Crab is Secretly Batman

Picture Crab is Secretly Batman

April 06, 2011

He's the crustacean this beach deserves.

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