Quidditch Pong

Picture Quidditch Pong

November 07, 2012

If you drink enough, it's actually pretty similar to living in a world of magic.

TARDIS Alcohol Cabinet

Picture TARDIS Alcohol Cabinet

September 14, 2012

It's drunker on the inside than the outside.

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A Drinking Game of Thrones

Picture A Drinking Game of Thrones

September 10, 2012

Become the mother of beer bongs.

Article 7 More Drink Recipes From The Drunken Moogle

By The Drunken Moogle / June 18, 2012
7 More Drink Recipes From The Drunken Moogle - Image 1

Hadouken - Ryu (Street Fighter shot)

Ingredients:3/4 oz blue curacao3/4 oz Fireball Cinnamon WhiskySplash of Bacardi 151

Directions: Mix the blue curacao and Fireball in a shot glass. Layer a thin bit of Bacardi 151 (or other overproof rum) on the top and light on fire. Block to extinguish and drink! Add more Bacardi 151 to the top to make it a Shinkuu Hadouken.

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Admiral Akbar Rum

Picture Admiral Akbar Rum

May 01, 2012

No one can deflect shots of this magnitude.

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Cheapest Sytem There Is

Picture Cheapest Sytem There Is

May 10, 2010

Incredible Nintendo mod. These guys must be like computer engineers.

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