3. Rebellion (Devil May Cry series)

It's tough to pick out one sword in a series filled with great swords borne in Hellfire (the best swords, like bands, are affiliated with Satan) – but Rebellion stands above the rest. Despite entering the fray in the disappointing Devil May Cry 2, Rebellion proved iconic and worthy of Dante, especially in the third entry, when – spoiler alert – Dante is impaled with it. Once Rebellion got a taste of Dante's blood, it awakened and gave Dante the ability to access his Devil Trigger whenever he liked. It's hard to not like a sword that transforms you into a super-powered demon, ya know?

2. Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

This is what would happen if you asked a 5 year-old to design the ideal sword: ridiculously huge blade with a minuscule handle wielded by a wimpy-looking kid with terrible hair. And really, it's not even amongst the strongest weapons in the game. But as Cloud's default weapon, it became possibly the most iconic and recognizable sword ever to appear in a videogame. Then again, a sword that size would be recognizable no matter where it showed up. Let's all be thankful Cloud Strife never started performing circumcisions.

1. Master Sword (Zelda series)

What's so special about the Master Sword? It's pretty generic-looking, there are a bigger and badder swords in the Zelda games, and it's not even also a gun! Well, maybe it doesn't need to be comically-large, or have flames bursting out of it, or also be a gun – it's small size allows it to be easily held with one hand, it's effective against nearly all enemies, and it can (occasionally) assist in time travel. And it has something that very few swords on this list have: history. Not only in-game history, but this sword has been present in nearly every Zelda game ever made. It's not only a weapon, it's an icon.

An icon used to slash chickens repeatedly.