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I was playing COD:BO with my ex-girlfriend. When we played I always used to abuse a certain gamer. This was called iAmAsUpR1337 and I was going apesh*t at this guy and it didn't help that he was getting 1 kill every 4 deaths. So this kid goes offline after ten minutes of pure abuse and after the game me and my girlfriend go to sleep . When we arrived at her parents house her younger brother, who is seven, said that he finally got Live and Black Ops. I asked him what his gamertag was and he said IAmAsUpR1337. My girlfriend broke-up with me the same day.-Eli
I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 online and I started making conversation with a guy on my team. I told him I was having a good vacation, and then asked him "are you on Spring Break, too?" to which he replied "everyday is spring break when you're unemployed."-Julien

Awhile ago I was playing MW2 with a buddy and we got into a sweet hardcore team deathmatch. It was full of kill streaks and what not, and our team seemed pretty laid back. They were all from the south (Alabama) and were all pretty good and as far as I could tell seemed to be nice guys. That is until I said "oh fuck my ass" when I got no-scoped by some guy named "juggalo4lyfe" or something to that extent. The southern boys then angrily replied "what are you some kinda queer" and I knew we would have a problem (seeing as I hate homophobes). Me and my buddy began planning our "gays night out" very loudly over chat, and let me tell you anal sex was one of the prettier things we discussed. Well one thing led to another and the match ended in a all out team kill fest. About a week later one of them sent me a message asking if I "was actually serious about what I said" and if I would like to "hit [him] up on Skype sometime 4 sum fun :3" I guess southern hospitality is the real deal.  -Alex
Me and two other friends were playing Gears 2 when some random recent player joined our party. The first thing he says is "guys can I talk to you about something? I'm a virgin". Trying to make it less awkward my friend said "that's cool." The kid proceeded to say "I'm a good Christian and I just wanna wait for the right girl you know? Do you guys think I'm lame?" My friend responded with "nah man we don't judge around here" and I followed up with "Yeah, I mean, I'm a rapist." -Francisco
I was playing Black Ops and I joined into the lobby and heard: "Yeah, I love that game it was awesome. I don't have it anymore because my brother is a drug addict, he steals my stuff and pawns everything."-Son
I was playing COD: Black Ops, and of course there was cussing-a-plenty in the intermission lobby after a particularly contentious match. Amidst the firestorm of swearing, a pretentious-sounding guy says "profanity is the effort of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully." He ended up going 7-22 in the next match, and I killed him (while camping pretty hard) for the game-winning kill. When I asked him how my nuts tasted, he replied with "I am going to mumblefuck the mothershit out of your eye so badly that you'll develop terminal glaucoma from the massive deposits of jizz that I'm going to deposit inside your ocular cavity, you shit-eating camping dickcheese."-Tony