1. Mario

    Alright, so we're racing karts.

  2. Luigi


  3. Mario

    I know just the place. It's this awesome rainbow road.

  4. Luigi

    Oh, psychedelic. And um, distracting?

  5. Mario

    The most distracting. It's also on a literal rainbow.

  6. Luigi

    Wait, like in the sky?

  7. Mario

    No, outer space. So I guess it's a figurative rainbow, now that you mention it. Huh.

  8. Luigi

    That sounds really dangerous.

  9. Mario

    No, it's okay. It totally has railings.

  10. Luigi

    Oh, well-

  11. Mario

    Wait, no. I'm thinking of "sharp turns". Man, I always mix those up.

  12. Luigi

    Maybe you could just go by yourself- this sounds really unsafe. The railings could protect us-

  13. Mario

    No! We race doubles.

  14. Luigi

    Maybe Peach?

  15. Mario

    Nah man, you're my man. Besides, I heard you have to go with another guy.

  16. Luigi

    That's weird. Wait, where'd you hear that?

  17. Mario

    Well, Wario and Waluigi always are bragging about how they go ride the rainbow road unprotected together and love it! So the railings can't be too bad, right?

  18. Luigi

  19. Mario

    Wow. I…wow.

  20. Luigi

    Well, I guess that explains those mustaches.