1. Captain

    So Rook, how was the first day?

  2. Rookie

    I'll be honest, Captain, I'm pretty confused.

  3. Captain

    Rookies always are. There's a lot to take in on your first day, I'm sure you'll do fine.

  4. Rookie

    But I'm just not sure I get it. It just feels a little over the top.

  5. Captain

    OK Rook, let's hear it.

  6. Rookie

    You know when Simmons took me out to try and break up that race earlier? Do you know what car we took? A brand new Zonda! Those things cost about $400,000!

  7. Captain

    Hell of a ride though ain't it? Nothing but the best for my boys!

  8. Rookie

    You say that Captain, but where's my uniform? I had to go get my own t-shirt printed that says "Police" on the front. We're blowing our whole budget on these cars!

  9. Captain

    That's a pretty sweet t-shirt. Think you could get me one of those? It looks a hell of a lot more professional than the one my son made me.

  10. Rookie

    I can get you one for $20, but look…

  11. The rookie pulls his gun out.

  12. Rookie

    I had to borrow this paintball gun from my cousin. What happens if I get in an actual gun fight? It doesn't even have any paint pellets in it.

  13. Captain

    You just keep your head down and radio for back up.

  14. Rookie

    That'd be great if Simmons had put a radio in the car. He says it would slow the Zonda down.

  15. Captain

    Well use your cell phone then.

  16. Rookie

    Sir, this is ridiculous. Can't we just sell the Zonda, buy our uniforms and guns back and start being real police again?

  17. Captain

    Look Son. Do you know what type of cars criminals drive?

  18. Rookie

  19. Captain

    God damn sports cars! You don't see James Bond driving his Aston Martin, chasing a g'damn Buick Le Sabre!? It's a Ferrari, or a Porsche or a Maserati. So we need to be prepared.

  20. Rookie

    What's with all the James Bond references? Every 5……

  21. Simmons enters the room.

  22. Captain

    Great job on busting up that race today Simmons, you're a credit to your force.

  23. Rookie

    Are you serious Sir!? Sure he stopped one of the racers, but he also wrote off 5 civilian cars, as well as causing about $100,000s worth of damage to the Zonda when he rammed it into the racer's car! Where's that money going to come from?

  24. Simmons

    It's a small price to pay for freedom.