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I was playing zombies on Black Ops with some strangers on PSN. Only one guy had a mic, so he decided to start telling us his tragic life story. RANDOM DUDE WITH A MIC: I live in Boston, I'm unemployed right now, and I have to raise my 2 and a half year old daughter. All I do all day is take care of her and play zombies. I know the entire map by heart, and NO DON'T SHOOT THE CRAWLERS!!!-William
I started playing Halo Reach on Xbox live and hear some twelve year old talking. I guess he was doing science homework or something because he asked "Hey, my teacher wants to know how many atoms are on a penny. I think it's a trick question 'cause JOHN ATOMS (his words) is on the penny, so I should put one." He then proceeds to talk about how maybe the answer is 1991 because that is the date on the penny. He then decides his final answer is 1992, which he got by adding his two answers together. Then he said "I can't wait to be my only one in this class to get the right answer. He could not figure out why everyone was laughing at him.-Joshua G.
I was playing a round of MW2 TDM on Trailer Park. After the match was over, I heard someone with a southern accent saying the reason he did so badly was that he had dial-up. Free dial-up, at that. He was also playing on a black-and-white TV.-Michael K.

So I was playing COD: MW2 a while back, and this guy has an airdrop. One of his air drops was an AC-130, and he used it on a shack where a few of the other team were hiding. When his AC-130 doesn't pierce the metal shack on the roof, he starts ranting about "How this $50,000,000 piece of equipment can't break through some corrugated metal roof manufactured by some 8 year old in Africa." It was one of the most hilarious things I've ever heard, and I'm just depressed I never got his gamertag.-George M.
I had just gotten Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for Christmas and I decided to try out the multiplayer. I eventually entered a room where a kid was trying to play while his parents fought in the background and he had forgotten to mute his headset. It was so loud it sounded like the parents were wearing mics and my sound was coming out of my tv speakers so it pretty much sounded like a white trash throw down in my game room for about 10 minutes. Eventually the kid started crying and left. -Richard
A friend and I, both female, were playing L4D when finally towards the end of the campaign one of our teammates spoke:Teammate: Why do you guys sound like girls?Alex & I: Because we are.He didn't say anything the rest of the game.-Nida