1. French Soldier

    Viva la revolution!

  2. Napoleon

    Yes, I hear you, but what kind of revolution should we have?

  3. French Soldier


  4. Napoleon

    Well, the Americans did that whole Boston Tea Party revolt, which was pretty impressive.

  5. French Soldier

    We could find a bunch of croissants and toss them into the river…

  6. Napoleon

    No, we need to do something unique, plus croissants are too buttery, flakey, and delicious to waste.

  7. French Soldier

    This is true.

  8. Napoleon

    I got it! We will have a dance revolution!

  9. French Soldier

    Like ballet?

  10. Napoleon

    No, this will be better. We shall stomp on four squares to club remixes of once popular songs.

  11. French Soldier

    And you're sure that will be as successful as the Americans' revolution?

  12. Napoleon

    You have a point. The Boston Tea Party sounds so much catchier. Half the battle is marketing.

  13. French Soldier

    I know, when I hear the Americans talk about their revolution I just want to go teabag something!

  14. Napoleon

    That's all I can think about! Now, how can we be sure this dance revolution will catch on?

  15. French Soldier

    We could say dance again.

  16. Napoleon

    Brilliant! We will call it Dance Dance Revolution! I like it!

  17. French Soldier

    Will everyone dance in this dance dance revolution?

  18. Napoleon

    Yes, especially Asians, they'll be amazing at it.

  19. French Soldier

    And how are we supposed to overthrow the French Directory with dancing?

  20. Napoleon

    With swollen feet, twisted ankles, and anime-induced seizures.

  21. French Soldier

    You are truly a God among men sir, but we face heavy defense before we can implement our dance dance revolution.

  22. Napoleon

    Yes, we cannot let those vicious swine break our flawless combo streak. Ready our secret weapon.

  23. French Soldier

    No, not the…

  24. Napoleon

    Yes! Release the Angry Birds!

  25. French Soldier

    At once sir!

  26. Angry Birds

    Arrgah! Sqweeeee!