Hey folks! You might have noticed we've been posting less lately. There's a reason for that. The digital media landscape has shifted dramatically, and we're changing up how we do things to keep with the times. Going forward, Dorkly is going to move its focus away from the site and onto platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The same people you know from our comics and articles are going to have a lot of fun trying new ways to create the stuff you like. For instance, our illustrator Justin Hall collaborated with our Instagram followers and created a brand new DnD character in an ongoing Instagram Story. Commenters named their new mage "Shrek 5," because of course they did.

You might see a new post from us now and again on the site (look forward to Andrew finally writing about Thanos fanfic and why "videogames" is the correct spelling), but from now on, we're going to be sinking the vast majority of our efforts onto those aforementioned platforms. Most importantly, we'll also be contributing in a big way to Dropout, CollegeHumor's comedy service that features tons of original shows, ongoing comics and fun chats you can't find anywhere else. If you're looking for the absolute best way to support us at Dorkly, check out the free trial at Dropout. You could start with the fan favorite role-playing show Dimension 20: Fantasy High, move onto Cartoon Hell (featuring Drawfee boys Caldwell and Nathan) and then hit up comics like The Legend of Jared and All in a Day's Work (both written by Dorkly staff members). 

We'd be lying if we said this wasn't bittersweet. This little corner of the internet has meant a lot to the staff. We've compiled some of our favorite pieces from over the years and dropped them on the homepage, and you might see a few rotate in and out. Though we might not be on the site proper, you can find us on the Dropout Discord, and as always you are free to DM our Editor-in-Chief Andrew Bridgman about a Dragon Ball Z article from five years ago that he didn't write.

Thank you so much for sticking with us all this time, and we hope you'll join us as we take our next big leap.