The world of mobile games is a clunky and wonderful one. Whatever hours people aren't spending with Candy Crush or Pokemon Go! are probably being spent searching for the next time waster to drain our phone batteries. The battle for attention is cutthroat, but newcomer Mafia City is content to remind everyone with an internet connection of one thing: "That's how mafias work." 

Based on its title, Mafia City is a pretty self-explanatory game: a mobile strategy game based around a city full of mobsters jockeying for position in whatever ways haven't already been co-opted by Grand Theft Auto. It first appeared in app stores in March of 2017 and has been well received up to this point, but the game is continuing to make waves in 2019, namely for its bizarre ad campaigns. A Level 1 "crook" in the game is approached by a Level 35 "boss," who easily foils whatever shenanigans they're up to, which results in the tagline "that's how mafias work." The criminal element broken down to its simplest form.

Like many things on the internet, the ads weren't made with memification in mind. But that's exactly what's happened over the course of the last few days, Gaming Twitter taking time to step up to the plate and find its own spin on how the lives of pixelated mafia dons-to-be work. Watch your step.