THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017 freesocksforall: in my most recent game of team defense fort 2 i was banned from a 247 hightower pony rp server for screaming incoming gamer into my mic every time i respawned or charged as demoman and i have to say, nothing really prepares you for the sensation of hearing a grown man say with no hint of irony in his voice, mr sex goblin, if you dont stop saying that im banning you from ponyville forever
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 vaporman people who play video games for fun fucking disgust me I play for 2 reasons to get mad to win any other reason and you are scum casuals
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avvocarlo me coming home to my gamer wife and children: greatest of keks everyone, score any sick headshots today oh thank you honey Id love a bowl of soda soup, please dont get triggered if I dont like it this time downwithcapitalism Zelda sweetie, youve hardly touched your Doritos Whats got you so butthurt Source:avvocarlo 129,222 notes
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flightyfinch: flightyfinch: me, a gamer, crying in the bar after my girlfriend dumped me: ive never been nerfed so hard before my new gf: hey can we have an open and honest discussion about our relationship me, a woke gamer: you got it babe, time for a patch release me, crying while holding my newborn child in my arms: dlc 1 year ago August 27th 2017 103619
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Listen Im a fuckin gamer but I still cant stand that dumb ass shit where they try to make gamers seem badass Rise Conquer Survive Sharpen your skills in every match Like ay Im just sittin naked in my bedroom drunkenly getting killed in overwatch like chill
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thehightomtitty: fivecentsless: Game: You need to be about level 20 to defeat this boss Me: oh geez I better go do some grinding Me, two weeks later overleveled by 80, returning to the boss: Im your god now Game: You need to be about level 20 to defeat this boss My level 2 ass who is about to have a cometoJesus meeting: that is just a recommendation right Two types of gamers
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