1. Jamie Lee Curtis has always been the best, and the new Halloween is just the latest reminder

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2. JLC isn't afraid to brag about the movie's success -- she's earned it

3. You really believe that she could take on Michael Myers in real life, just like her character Laurie Strode


4. Jamie Lee Curtis can kill you with a look


5. That's not to say she doesn't have a good sense of humor


6. Jamie Lee's goofy side has always been around, as seen here in this 1978 set photo from the original Halloween


7. She says she's "never been known as a fashion person" but Jamie Lee Curtis has been seen in tons of excellent costumes on the red carpet, with themes ranging from Power Rangers to Warcraft


8. Part of this may be the influence of her kids -- she took the whole family to the fighting video game tournament EVO and showed up disguised as Street Fighter character Vega

9. Don't come at a Cammy main with your weak Ryu/Ken garbage



Why Jamie Lee Curtis Will Always Be Our Scream Queen


10. That said, there are some things that Jamie Lee Curtis takes very seriously

11. She is an icon, up there with the best


12. I mean COME ON

13. Here's to Jamie Lee Curtis, the realest of us all