Carol Danvers has had a rough go of things as a character in the Marvel comics universe. But no matter how many times she's been depowered, retconned, and forcibly impregnated (long story) she has remained a vital and visible force in the world of superheros. In the cinematic universe, the rumors and speculation about her solo movie had been swirling for years and when combined with the insane box-office numbers of rival DC's Wonder Woman movie, there was a lot riding on this unlikely character to deliver not just a good story, but to prove that tales of heroism and superpowered fantasy isn't gender exclusive. In the next few years we'll probably reach a point where a movie can just be a movie but it'd be facetious to deny that stories like these still have a lot of emotional investment for about half the population on earth. Luckily the first trailer proves that this one just might have been worth the wait:

Here's some of the online reactions to the Captain Marvel hype machine that made us feel all the feelings:




captain marvel alexa play take my breath away top gun
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90s are back baby captian marvel skrulls tweet
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Look I get that CaptainMarvel deaging Samuel L Jackson is pretty cool but Im most impressed that it brings back Blockbuster Video They even got the gumball machine in there
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Thoughts and prayers to Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers as they deal with seeing their exes thrive so hard CaptainMarvel
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Hold up so did Piccolo from Dragon Ball Evolution revive in another franchise CaptainMarvel DragonBallSuper
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In the honor of the release of the CaptainMarvel trailer today, this is when Steve and Carol meet each other in Avengers 4:
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