Skyrim did a lot of things in the world of gaming. It introduced casual fans to the breadth and scope of traditional western RPGs, it boosted the tourism rate of Norway, and made Todd Howard into an unkillable god-king that can only be slain by a divine lightning strike from Zeus himself. The game is so ubiquitous that an entire community has formed around the creation and disperssion of groan-worthy dad-jokes dedicated to its setting and characters. 

The fine folks at r/skyrimdadjokes have honed their skills in the crucible of internet vote-based ranking to create the most eye-rolling, knee-slapping, sigh-inducing jokes of all time. After reading these 12 entries you won't need the Hearthfire expansion to feel like a true father...


Why did the Dragonborn go to High Hrothgar To see what all the Fus is about
joke by: u/fairieswearboots



Whats a Dremoras favorite band Mehrunes 5
joke by: u/kim_jong_un4


What do you have to do when a cat escapes from prison Khajiit
joke by: u/MasterMachiavel



I dont get why people say Skyrim doesnt have guns The Flame Atronachs already possess firearms
joke by: u/CyanPancake



How do you greet a group of dragons How yAlduin
joke by: u/Flandersmcj


Remember that guy in Whiterun everybody hates Honestly, he does Nazeem so bad to me
joke by: u/wankin_dolan



What is the GrayManes favorite American Folk Song This land is Eorlund
joke by: u/hateonthedabbers



I stopped a guard in Whiterun to ask if he knew the alphabet He initially said no, so I walked away He then stopped me and said: Wait, I know U
joke by: u/AlduinIsAGeordie



Why couldnt the mage use vampire seduction He was a novice neck romancer
joke by: u/Slightly_Tender



joke by: u/Doplin


joke by: u/PitayaPower



 Whats the national bird of Skyrim The Overencumbird 
 joke by: u/Mrs_Schwalls