Going out to the movies is beginning to feel a little antiquated these days isn't it? In a world where everything is getting more isolated and remote, the fact that we still gather in these cavernous public spaces to sit in chairs that countless strangers have farted into is kind of amazing. Not only that, but the relatively small handful of workers are in charge of maintaining order when society has abandoned all concepts of public decency (cue prerequistie "you had dress nice to fly on an airplane!" winging). The point is that the cinema is a world that most people practically sleepwalk through. When they're business is running smoothly, you're in your seat with overpriced popcorn without even registering it. It's when things go WRONG that I wanted to hear about. 

So naturally I started digging through the bowels of the r/askreddit community for threads where theater workers were asked to their weirdest finds, company secrets, and groan-worthiest bad customer stories. Here's 9 that were worthy of a special presentation:

1. Starting off with a real treat for the imagination

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2. Fun fact! People are full of gross, nasty fluids

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3. Someday, we'll be speaking to that big manager in the sky

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4. Aw, this one's just nice!

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5. This one... not so much

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6. The truth is colder than a cherry ICEE

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7. This employee has seen things, terrible things

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8. At least they asked politely?

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9. We always suspected, but now we know

In the theater my grandpa used to own, the seats were never really cleaned We would sometimes scrape the gum off the bottoms of them, but the fabric wouldnt get cleaned Theyd just get replaced every few years Yes, it was disgusting

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