One of the biggest sources of agitation and pontification in modern fandom seems to be the ways that female fans have pushed back against the trends and tropes in genre fiction that make them feel alienated from the stories and franchises that they love, and the inevitable reaction from entrenched fans who claim that such criticisms are unfounded or hypocritical. One of the most hotly contested topics is the portrayal of women as sex objects (we can agree that the presence of female characters who exist solely to serve the desires of the presumed male heterosexual audience is a thing, right? At least, more often than other mainstream forms of entertainment? Is that crazy to say?).

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A common counter to this argument is the predominance of half-naked attractive men that litter videogames and comics with nary a complaint from the fans. Surely, SURELY the onslaught of ripped six-packs and biceps proves that men are dehumanized by these same standards?  Well, that's the conception that cosplayer Momo Kurimi set out to disprove with this post on twitter:

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The reactions from social media gave us a unique glimpse into minds of the animators, cosplayers, crafters and fangirls who make up the women in modern geek media, and while it'd be the epitome of ignorance to say that the responses represent "all women on Earth" the results were still EYE-OPENING:

1. Obviously, no fangirl thirst thread would be complete without the "Hiddlestoners"


2.  While some are looking for more supporting roles in their life

3. Classy, smart, not afraid to take charge


4. Once you go cajun, the thirst will stay ragin'

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5. Was not expecting this one, quite honestly

6. The sequels were Direct-to-DVD, but the characters got a wide release in our hearts

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7. Jim Henson devastated an entire generation

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8. You never know who's going to get you blasting off again



9. Surprised there aren't MORE shirtless anime boys on this list

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10. Rules were made to be broken


11. We all regret our first loves in one way or another


12. Bad boys with fiery tempers

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13. For some, their Prince Charming has yet to arrive

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14. Looks like someone wants to take a ride on the unicorn


15. What about the originator of the thread?

women share fictional crushes - twitter thread
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